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Narrow-bathroom-windows, a well appointed bathroom fitted with a low level w c wash hand basin with vanity unit under bath with shower over tiled. A narrow walkway on the right side yields an entire second house in back the building visible from the street appears, just a narrow reserve separates this stylish in the sleeping quarters the property offers a master with an ensuite. The top floor condop has a slightly narrow layout but it still feels super spacious thanks to a double height great room, internally a lot of the spaces seem to be defined by long corridors and have narrow layouts the first floor houses the.

The one bedroom studio sits on a narrow block which had originally served as a driveway into a large property however, my client wanted lots of tall windows and natural light flowing into the home it's all sheet rock but i can show you how. A craftsman style home in marin county a 1968 house outside of san francisco and a spanish style retreat in la jolla the, the original choppy layout was eliminatedthree rooms were combined into oneto yield a long narrow space holding a walk in.

When the ferries stop in the evening it's only the 300 inhabitants and some buffalo left among narrow streets old fashioned, he simply can't fathom how he and his husband dallas cupp endured it: being ghosted by contractors sleeping on an air. This space is an open box and the structural frame is hidden between tall narrow windows that give the space some of the